Simple, healthy, Ayurvedic!

Changing your diet for the season, for health reasons or to lose a few extra pounds need not be difficult or expensive. You probably already have many of the spices and ingredients in your cupboard already. Cinnamon, ginger, cumin...lemon, bay leaves...rice, chick peas. What IS important is discovering your dosha, or particular body type, so you know which of these spices to use, which oils to use internally and externally, what type of exercise suits you best, etc. In our upcoming workshop with Iris Kish, she will explore the constitutions (doshas) and reveal which are dominant in your body. With this information, she will assist you in creating a lifestyle plan that fits your life and allows you to fall in sync with the cycles of nature. Follow the link below for two delicious samples of recipes from the book Iris recommends: "Eat, Taste, Heal"