Ayurveda dosha chart at a glance

Not sure what dosha (Ayurvedic body type) you are? Here's a quick chart to help you figure out what you might be. Iris will go more in depth in her Ayurveda 101 workshop this October!

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic healing system as well as a complete way of life. The system is composed of diet, yoga, massage, detoxification, herbal remedies, meditation, and daily lifestyle to improve a person’s health and well being.
‘Ayurveda provides guidelines to help us identify our constitutional nature, enabling us to choose and live wisely on Earth.’ - A Life of Balance

In the Ayurveda 101 workshop you will develop a clear understanding of Ayurveda. We will explore each constitution and reveal in which dosha each of us resides. From there we will create lifestyle plans that fit each of our unique lives which will allow us to fall in sync with nature as originally intended.