Moon Cycles and Our Yoga Practice

"The Moon is Magic for the Soul and Light for the Senses..."

Moon cycles and the yoga practice: what is the link? Is this a yogi myth, or does the moon actually hold some type of mysterious power over all of us? I suppose the answer could be a combination of both options. Understanding the impact that the moon’s cycle has on our bodies, minds and spirits is really a personal undertaking, but experience shows that it may actually help us make important decisions about how and when we practice yoga to best suit our energetic and emotional needs.

It is common knowledge that the moon affects the Earth’s tidal rhythms—and because we, too, are composed of up to 70 percent water, it makes sense that we are also affected by the changes in the moon’s cycle. For example, many people report experiencing a dip in energy levels around the time of a new moon, with rising energy as we approach a full moon. To balance these extremes, it could benefit us to adjust our practices to incorporate a more heating, or dynamic practice when the new moon is rising, and to soothe ourselves with a cooling and calming practice at the time of a full moon. Try observing your own energetic rhythms as they pertain to the cycle of the moon, and check out one of our Full Moon Yoga classes - listed on our workshops page. See you on the mat!