Class descriptions

"99% practice, 1% theory" - Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

"99% practice, 1% theory" - Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Beginner classes

For new students, those who have been away from it for a while or have injuries they are healing. These classes will introduce the basic poses, teach you how to use props and allow you to learn the techniques slowly and carefully.


This class will introduce you to basic yoga postures and breathing techniques. Learn to use props and enter postures slowly and carefully to increase balance and strength. Practice focus and find patience with each breath as you increase range of motion and add suppleness to your actions. Students will practice calming the thoughts, leading to a peaceful state of mind you will carry with you for the rest of the day. Some instructors will use more flowing movements or the wall for enhanced alignment, yet the level of the class will be appropriate for new students.

gentle Yin

Yin Yoga focuses on the connective tissues of the hip joints, the pelvis, and the lower spine. We will practice seated, more restorative poses yet hold them longer, which will allow us to soften and enjoy the stretch. Practice patience as we hold poses for up to 5 minutes. This class is the perfect complement to your more active yoga practice, lifestyle or other workout routine. Yin yoga is the balance to the effort we exert all day at our jobs, in our homes, at the gym or in a heat building Vinyasa or Ashtanga classes.

Yin and meditation

Yin Yoga is distinguished by its slow-pace and meditative approach. In Yin Yoga, we sustain postures (called “shapes”) to open and release into deeper states of stillness, flexibility, receptivity, and mental calmness. Physically, we begin to feel lighter and enjoy an improved sense of physical awareness; mentally, we improve focus and begin to unclutter our habitual mental patterns. While the theme of mindfulness and deepening awareness is woven throughout the physical practice, the class concludes with several minutes of seated meditation.

Gentle Flow

A Gentle Yoga class that guides you through postures with slow linking movements, warming joints and muscles while emphasizing breath, body control and mindfulness.  This class is for all levels and abilities and will enhance your focus and body awareness.

beginner sessions

Please check the Events page for dates and info on currently offered Sessions.

Heart rhythm meditation

Learn heart-centered breathing as you lay the foundation for a daily meditation practice. This is an applied form of meditation, so there is plenty of time for discussion as we connect meditation practice to the challenges and celebrations in your life. Experience the health benefits of science based meditation as you become more courageous, joyful, disciplined and compassionate.This class is for beginning meditators or meditators of other traditions interested in learning the foundations of Heart Rhythm Meditati

Intermediate classes

Challenging yet approachable classes for students who have taken some yoga classes and are familiar with basic poses.

Sunday morning sweat

Set the tone for a productive Sunday by starting with this energetic flow! Throughout a playful level 2/3 vinyasa class, Matt will use yoga asana as a loose framework for exploring your body’s potential for movement as well as building strength. While transitioning in and out of familiar poses in new ways (and trying some new poses altogether) this class will also focus on building a rhythmic breath and finding your flow state.

Vinyasa 1

Vinyasa unites all styles of yoga and each class takes you on a different journey.  Learn creative sequencing, linking breath to movement and blending postures into a smooth, flowing practice.  Proper alignment and modifications make Vinyasa classes accessible to anyone with an open mind who wants to explore and move.

yoga for athletes

Simple yet approachable poses will wake you up and get you ready for the rest of your day. This class is a great addition to a workout such as biking, swimming or running.

Ashtanga Basics

Sun Saluations will be introduced slowly to ensure the connection between breath and movement. A series of standing and seated postures from the Ashtanga Primary Series will be introduced next, modifications will be offered when necessary. You will learn to use props to place your body into safe and manageable positions as you increase flexibility and strength. Experience the flow state as you connect movement, breath and gazing points leading to a moving meditation. We always finish with a nice long relaxation.

Ashtanga Half primary

This class follows the first half of the Primary series of Ashtanga Yoga practiced at a relaxed pace so new students have time to practice connecting their breath, alignment and bandhas. Balancing poses, shoulderstand and headstand preparatory postures will be introduced. Start with Ashtanga Basics to become familiar with the poses of the Ashtanga Primary Series.

Ignite your core

Improve your overall posture, balance and endurance using a variety of strengthening yoga poses, breath work and other exercises. Brittney combines these techniques so you receive the benefits of a strong core while finding symmetry and a sense of peace within. Beginners and intermediate students welcome, modifications will be offered for each technique.

Advanced classes

Students who join this class would display a mastery of movement and breath and practice regularly 4-6 days per week.

Vinyasa 2

Experience the joy that comes from starting slow, building a flow and then gliding your body through a series of poses that will make you feel strong, cleansed and content. Be prepared to sweat, laugh and try something new.

Ashtanga Primary Series

Breath, bandhas and drishti guide us through the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, with each student modifying when necessary for their own level of strength and flexibility. Hands on assists will be given. Students should be comfortable in an Ashtanga Half Primary class before joining this one. Some Second series poses may be introduced as the regular students become more proficient with Primary Series.

Ashtanga 2nd series

Second Series of Ashtanga Yoga which includes many types of backbends and leg behind the head poses. Students should be practicing the full Primary Series regularly before coming to this class.

half primary, half 2nd

This class will take you through the Sun Salutations, standing poses and a smattering of seated before veering off to the 2nd series sequence. Modifications and options will be given throughout. This is a great class for people who have been practicing Primary series for at least 1 year and are ready to explore the back bending movements of 2nd series.