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Yin Yoga for Spring Renewal

with Loretta Dodson

Friday March 22 | 6:00 - 7:30pm | $20

Loretta will review the Liver and Gallbladder Meridian lines then finish with a sequence to help nourish the digestive system and release stress in the hips and spine.

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happy hour flow

with britt tagg

March 29 | 6:00-7:00pm | $20

Spice up your practice with a Happy Hour Flow! Join Britt for a monthly dive into fun variations of postures and unique Vinyasa Sequencing!  This class is suitable for ALL LEVELS, but some yoga experience is preferable.
Save the dates for upcoming Happy Hours with Britt:
April 26 ~ May 31 ~ June 28

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moon cycle.jpg

New Moon Circle

with Nicole Miles

Friday April 5 | 6-7:30pm | $25

The new moon is a time for a fresh start. The darkness of the sky is a metaphor for the blank canvas we have at our fingertips. It’s about letting go of the old and planting seeds for the dreams and desires we hold within. You are so worthy of a new start and to be living a
refreshed life full of inspiration.  Free yourself up to be in alignment with all the goodness that awaits. Come and be guided to move gently, connect with yourself deeply and be inspired.
Please bring a mat and a journal, we will be using it throughout the class. 

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assisting for instructors and curious students

with Erica McHugh

Friday April 12, May 10 & June 7 | 6-7:30pm | $35, $90 for all 3

Session 1: Standing Postures
Session 2: Seated Postures
Session 3: Twisting & Inversions
This is the workshop you’ve been waiting for!
Erica will begin each class with a short warm up of the sequence we will learn to assist. Then we will partner up and learn important verbal cues and 2 or 3 hands on assists for each pose in the sequence. Time will be allotted for discussion and questions. Please bring a journal, to write or draw the assists for each posture.

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Wall Yoga Workshop

with Lynn Schiff Wiener,

Saturday April 13 | 12:15-2:00pm | $40

This workshop is limited to 15 students, be sure to register early!
Practicing Yoga at the wall yields many benefits:
> Stability, alignment, and strength in asana (pose)
> Space for quality pranayama (breath)
> Access to a refinement of focus and mindfulness in the hope to achieve satva (harmonious balance) easing the differences between tamas (inactivity/apathy) and rajas (passion/fire activity)

In this workshop Lynn will discuss and practice flexibility, core strengthening, inversion readiness, spinal alignment, accessibility to poses, meditation and breath techniques. All levels welcome, modifications offered.

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basics session: 4 weeks

with Erin mahmood

tba | 11am-12:00pm | $55

Erin will introduce you to the basics of the ashtanga practice: ujjayi breathing, gazing points, internal awareness of the core and Sun Salutations. Each week she will add a few more poses to the standing and seated sequence before finishing with some gentle back bends, seated meditation and relaxation.

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Sound Journey

with Jeremy Arndt and Nancy Grzeszak

Sunday May 5: Two classes!

Restorative practice | 3pm-5pm | $30 | limited to 10 students
Yoga Nidra | 5:30pm-7pm | $25 | limited to 20 students
$50 for both sessions

Restorative Sound Journey: Join Jeremy and Nancy for an evening of soothing and healing sounds paired with a supported, breath centered Restorative Yoga practice. The fusion of sound, stillness, and breath will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. The vibrational experience includes the sacred sounds of the handpan, gong, chimes, crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo and more. Experience the bliss of surrender as Nancy guides the class through nurturing restorative poses supported by blankets, bolsters and blocks while Jeremy provides an improvised ultra sensory exploration with enchanting sacred sounds. The evening will culminate with a long and inviting savasana as you allow yourself to be carried away by a deep, multi-instrumental sound experience.

Yoga Nidra Sound Journey 
Yoga Nidra is the practice and art of Yogic sleep. It is a profound but simple guided meditation accessible to anyone. The practice systematically guides the body, mind and breath into a complete state of bliss. As you rest in a comfortable and supported savasana, Nancy will lead you through a guided relaxation that will invite your body and mind to rest.  While in this safe, sacred space Jeremy and Nancy will create an improvised soundscape of handpan, didgeridoo, crystal singing bowls, Paiste gong and more. The healing vibrations will leave you feeling grounded with a deeper connection to yourself. Receive deep rest in this extremely healing practice. Relax, restore, find your bliss, and stay after to connect over a cup of tea. All are welcome, no prior experience with yoga necessary. Each offering is unique and profound. 

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Coming in 2019….

Partner Yoga Workshop
Acro Yoga Workshop