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     Yoga classes at Emmaus Yoga are an exercise in transformation both inside and out. Our supportive and experienced instructors take special care to make a personal connection with each student and guide them to the proper level of practice that will bring the most benefits to each individual student. Experience the profound connection of body, mind and spirit in all of our classes: Gentle, Vinyasa or Ashtanga.

Our mission is to assist you to relieve stress, safely rehabilitate injuries, become stronger and more flexible, increase focus and navigate effortlessly through the changes of life. Welcome to Emmaus Yoga. Enjoy your practice!

Emmaus Yoga teacher trainee Matt Robinson

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September 9 at Camp Olympic: All One Mindful Triathlon!

All One is a celebration of a balanced and mindful life. It's not just a triathlon, it's a journey to finding yourself. At All One, you'll be surrounded by inspiring, amazing people who share the same passions as you. You'll walk or run,  practice yoga, and meditate, and at the end of this mindful triathlon, you'll find  tranquility and a sense of community.  Click on the logo to learn more and register!

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In the event of inclement weather, please check the SCHEDULE or our Facebook page for updates 1 hour prior to class time.

Emmaus Yoga is a registered school with the Yoga Alliance.