Emmaus Yoga
Yoga Alliance 200 hour Teacher Training

Lead trainer Erica McHugh

Lead trainer Erica McHugh


September 2019
Exact dates coming soon. Two Saturdays per month 12pm-6pm, one Friday each month 6pm-9pm. See complete breakdown below.

In this training you will receive:

  • A deep understanding of anatomy as you learn each pose. A weekend workshop will pull it all together to enhance your own practice and your future instruction.

  • You will learn to teach a basic, beginner level flow of Ashtanga Primary series that can serve as a basis for instruction considering many yoga styles have a foundation in Ashtanga Yoga.

  • You will be able to independently practice the Primary Series at home.

  • Teaching experience on real students, not just your fellow trainees.

  • Individual instruction in hands on assists and breathing techniques.

Asana Foundations: Alignment and techniques (Asana)
Cultivating Your Prana: Bandhas, Intro to Pranayama, Vinyasa (Yama and Niyama)
Connecting Internal to External: Pranayama and meditation, Energy anatomy and philosophy, Thai massage(Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana)
Finding Your Voice: Cueing, Assisting, Ayurveda and Anatomy (Dhyana, Samadhi)

Regular practice of Ashtanga Primary series at Emmaus Yoga is required if you are considering taking the training. This method allows you to commit the Primary Series sequence to memory, the first important step. Consistent practice of the techniques leads you to have a deeper understanding of information that will be presented in the training modules. These subtle concepts take years to understand to the depth that you can convey them well to others. If attending two classes per week seems like a lot then you may want to reconsider taking the training when you have more time to spare for study and practice. You are expected to practice 4-6 days per week between home and studio.

Integrate what is presented in group classes to build a firm foundation for understanding, experience and transformation. The more time you have to learn, reflect, practice, practice teach and discuss your experience with class mates the better instructor you will be at the end. Scroll down for FAQ and to DOWNLOAD AN APPLICATION.

What is the cost of tuition?
Total cost = $3000 by credit card, $2800 by cash or check       
What is included in the tuition cost?
A 42 class card is included to complete all required attendances.
10 hours of special workshops are required. These can be taken at EY for half price, or taken elsewhere write a 200 word essay.
What is not included in the tuition cost? Textbooks, any class at EY that does not satisfy the Practice/Observe/Assist requirements and any workshops or classes taken elsewhere to fulfill hour requirements.
What textbooks do I need to purchase?
“Ashtanga Yoga and Philosophy” by Gregor Maehle, “The Practice Manual” by David Swenson, “Key Muscles of Yoga” and “Key Poses of Yoga” by Ray Long.
How many students are accepted per YTT program?
EY accepts 10 students per training program. This limited number allows each student to receive the attention and guidance needed to help each student grow.
How do I apply for Teacher Training?
Fill out the attached application. Please scan and email to contact@emmausyoga.com.
Help Wanted!
EY accepts one assistant for each yoga teacher training session. The assistant shall be required to keep track of all trainees’ attendance and homework. The assistant shall communicate with their fellow students regarding upcoming training dates and homework assignments. The assistant will periodically meet with Erica to review each student’s progress. The assistant should be knowledgeable with Microsoft Excel. The assistant will receive a $250 discount.
Contact Erica at contact@emmausyoga.com, call the number at the bottom of this page, or feel free to stop in, take a class, and talk to her afterwards.

Registration is limited to 10 trainees per training. When we receive your application and deposit we will send you a link to our online manual. Happy practicing!


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